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In autumn 2011, I had the opportunity to work across Latin America for two months to explore Emerald’s market potential and future possibilities for growth from sales, marketing and publishing perspectives. Although Emerald has good networks in Latin America we knew that there was more that we could do. However in order to really understand the markets and what we could achieve it was vital to meet new and familiar faces, especially in a strong relationship based culture.

Before I left I set clear objectives to ensure that the secondment would achieve its multi-faceted goals. For me, as a Spanish and Portuguese speaker, this was an excellent opportunity to use my skills to visit and work in places I have a true interest in. Not only did the secondment allow me to work in new markets but with different colleagues outside of my usual role and from a different culture.

I found the entire secondment to be a very rich experience. I am able to appreciate a more rounded sense of the business but most importantly I believe that the secondment has left a lasting impression on my professional development.